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Gil, Jon & Company

Once again,  Valley Music Center teachers and students have teamed up for this event featuring:

Gil LeDuc on guitar, fiddle & vocals is a songwriter member of ASCAP (Willis Gillis) and teaches at Valley Music Center. His roots go back to Canadian fiddler music since his dad and grandfather were also fiddle players from Quebec  influenced by the Cape Breton and Americana genres.   Also look for an upcoming CD due to be released this fall  and will be available on the Willis Gillis website.

Jon Higinbotham, guitar, vocals lives in Chester, is a songwriter and teaches guitar at Valley Music Center in Long Valley. Jon also has released a CD titled "Live from the Studio" which include songs performed at local venues and coffeehouses. 

Lydia Amento on fiddle is in 6th grade at Long Valley Middle School and also plays clarinet in LVMS band. This is her 4th year on fiddle and Lydia has become a regular performer at this event. Notice her soloing on Swallowtail Jig! She also likes doing art, baking and playing softball and basketball.

Introducing Emma Eberle on bass, who will be attending her freshmen year at Voorhees High School this September. Emma started playing bass 2 years ago and has become quite a remarkable bassist. She is heavily influenced by the Beatles, and one can't help but notice her recently acquired McCartney- Hofner Bass keeping the steady bottom on the group's sound.



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